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Recovering lost data from the external hard drive

All those pictures; all those files, music and memories saved on your computer’s external hard drive assure you the safety of those precious moments. But; what if you fail to access it or if you find all the data are lost? It could be the worst nightmares come true. When you face hard drive failure you can try out a few things before calling in the experts. But if it never works then a data recovery company must be your next stop.

hard1How to recover lost data from external hard drive; DIY

Data loss is basically of two types; software related and hard drive related. Both can be resolved and lost data can be retrieved by following few basic protocols. However if these tips fail you can always pitch in the experts.

In case if it is software related the first thing you have to do is to shut down your system connected to the drive. The easiest option for retrieving the data from it is by cloning that drive.

Many recovery programs are available on the internet where some are free and some are paid programs. You can then scan the cone using any of the reliable recovery programs.

Recovering lost data from external hard drive

Trying to recover the lost data from an external hard drive becomes a not so complicated task when you are aware of all the components of the hard drive. PCB, platters, head assemble, firmware are the common and most important parts of any external hard drive. PCB accommodates the main controller of the drive. It is the circuit board that is located at the bottom of the drive. Platters are the data storing components of the drive where anywhere up to 4TB data can be stored. Typical platters have two head assembly which is nothing but the read and write heads.

They literally fly over the platters or spin over them with a gap of few nanometers without actually coming in contact with the patters. When these heads are damaged they can destroy all the data by rubbing on the platters. Firmware is the unique module every hard drive has; it can be termed as your hard drive’s very own minute operating system. These parts if fail can result in your drive losing the data or the capability of reading or accessing the data.

Recovering data from hard drive due to the failure of the any above mentioned parts can be a complicated process which requires expert hands. Calling in the pros rather than losing all those memories and moments you have stored over the years is worth the money you spend on such recovery services.

hard2Retrieving of the lost data which is but memories and moments stored on your external hard drive; seeking the aid of reliable data recovery service providers is now certainly a possibility. So, what are you waiting for? However, you can also learn about the varied data recovery software that is available in the market and do it yourself.