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Pokemon Go’s Massive Security Breech

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past month you know exactly what Pokemon Go is and what you friends strategy to be the very best is. Even if you have lived under a rock there is a chase that one of these knuckle heads has overturned your rock looking for a ratatat or spoken about it in your pretense. Simply put there is no escaping this game, and everyone in the world or at least well to do millennials in urban centers are playing this game. In order to play they are signing away their cyber lives, and essentially have access to any and everything you have on your most sensitive data. Pretty messed up right, but we can rest assured knowing that its just in the right hands and they have everything under control. Oh wait, no we shouldn’t feel this way and in fact they are way too pours and have back doors everywhere. Legal litigator I choose you!

They have access to everything and it is also very odd that they are going for such data collection considering that so much of their base are children. Senator Al Franken has sent a scathing letter to the company asking just why this is necessary for them to deliver their service to their clients.

“while this release is undoubtedly impressive, I am concerned about the extend to which Ni-antic may be unnecessarily collecting using and sharing a wide range of users personal information without their appropriate consent.” He goes on to say that, ” once we become aware of this error, we began working on a client side fix to request permission for only basic google profile information in line with data that we actually access; Google has verified that no other information has been received or accede by Pokemon Go or Niantic.” This was one way that they responded once they found out they were caught and it was essentially to play dumb but there is obviously more at work here. They knew that this information is expressible valuable, if not to them which it is, they also know that they can sell it to a myriad of players in the tech world, so it makes us think, god damn what gives. 

When it comes to the attacks on liberty and net neutrality people are ready to throw up their arms and say that certain things are an outrage, but when it comes to something that is fun and a fad we throw money and attention at the things. “From Google Apps to slack, office 365 to Skype, we live in a post byod world where not only do users self select their own productivity tool chain, buy they also integrate even more tools into these environments.” essentially Pokemon Go is not doing anything out of the norm for business these days, they are just ones that got found out in a high profile way. This going to be interesting to see what, if anything gets done.