3 Tech Companies Ready Soar

Today it seems that if you didn’t get in at least 6 years ago in certain tech investments then you are likely out of luck and that ship may have sailed. Luckily for you that is the sentiment that almost everyone has, so much so that it is seen a truism of the market that does not get questioned. However, this is markedly wrong, and there is still huge earning potential for burgeoning tech services and products that if you get in your portfolio now will most likely account for huge gains within the next year.

If you put on the news at any time it seems a constant circus of Facebook, Apple, and Google whose stocks are anywhere from $100-$700 a share! There are still a handful of tech companies trading for a fraction of the trace that can that pack a lot more earning for individual investments. Now, of course, these cheaper stocks are more risky and do not necisarily provide such a steady divided yield as the industry leaders would have you assume. Now these days the cheaper stocks are as always considered a more risky bet and it is really going to be feast or famine considering how they do and what to expect. But nonetheless, tech stocks that are trending between $10 a share could offer the buyer the opportunity for gains of 35%-50% even all the way up to 100%. And these days not a day goes by when there is not a stock trading below this threshold.

First up on my safe bets for 2016 is the radio streaming service SiriusXM stands alone as the top dog, or possibly the only dog in the race in the satellite radio arena. This stock has been one the the markets most substantial gainers over the last several years and has posted an earning to date of 7,820% and gain after bottoming out at 0.05 a share in early 2009.

For the year of 2015 we saw that SiriusXM reported record revenue of 4.58 billion all the way up to 9% record which was adjusted to the tune of $1.66 billion up 13% and earning of $510 million up 3%. this trading at just 24 times forward earning and given the company’s ability to scale its subscriber base and generate new revenue streams. This could spell trouble for anyone on the outside looking in, but if you can make the appropriate moves to going after such an important trend then now is the time, if you miss it now you can effectively say bye-bye to ever hoping on this money train. The reason being has to do with meteoric yet stifled growth potential. What I mean by that is there is definitely a quick buck to be made, and it will come very quickly but once it has reached it described growth potential in this quarter you can be sure that it will not continue to experience growth in this regard. Think about it as a kind of bottle rocket stock, and you gotta get in while the getting is good, and get out before it all comes crashing in on your face.

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