6 Technological Advancements that Change Lives in Low-Income Nations

In many parts of the world, tech news is basically synonymous with a stream of advertisements for whatever products were most recently released by Apple, Intel, Microsoft, etc. However, in nations where people commonly lack access to infrastructure that “developed” nations take for granted (i.e. electricity, running water and the like), inventions can be the differentiating factor between two vastly different qualities of life.


  1. Take the Luci Solar Lantern for example. Perfect for people who live off the grid or can’t afford electricity bills, the Luci Solar Lantern powers up in the sun and is capable of lasting between six to twelve hours into the night. It’s also extremely durable and portable- it’s easily collapsed, waterproof and shatterproof.
  2. Then there’s the Lifestraw, a handy little water purifier developed in Denmark in 2005. Handheld and portable, the Lifestraw  is capable of killing 99.9 percent of bacteria and filtering 1000 liters of water. It was listed by Forbes as “one of ten things that will change the way we live,” though experts are quick to mention that the Lifestraw is at best a short-term solution to the larger problem of supplying everyone on the planet with reliable, safe water.brck
  3. The BRCK is another big one. This device is a battery-powered wireless modem that runs of a 3G-enabled sim card and can provide internet access to 20 devices at the same time. It’s a rough-and-tumble device with an 8-hour battery life and access to the Brck Cloud, so users can check in on the device whenever and wherever necessary. It costs $250, which split among the users of the 20 devices amounts to pretty cheap internet in times of need.
  4. The PowerPot is crazy. This portable electric generator is also a cooking pot. It uses thermoelectric power generation and can transmit the heat it uses for cooking into electricity. The pot can charge two smartphones, MP3s and LED lights, so it’s ideal for camping vacations and emergency situations.hippo water roller
  5. The Hippo Water Roller is one of the simplest inventions on the list, but it is also among the most clever and effective. The design? One plastic barrel attached to a handle on either side that can be rolled in front or behind the user. This invention is currently in use in South America, India, and 21 African countries by people who usually have to spend hours of time relocating water; now they can reallocate that time towards education or working to lift their families out of poverty.
  6. The Embrace Infant Warmer saves the lives of premature children born in countries that lack the medical infrastructure to otherwise support them. It’s a stand-in incubator that has already helped to reduce the newborn death rate and healthcare costs worldwide.

Becoming DayBreak Game Company



Who is Daybreak Game Company, you ask? Why, that is the new name of much beloved Sony Online Entertainment. This section of the Sony conglomerate has officially been sold to Colombus Nova. Not many have heard of them in the entertainment industry considering that they are an investment firm. Not much has been released about the acquirement of one of the first internet gaming businesses in the industry.

The online entertainment division of Sony was one of the earliest producers of massive, multiplayer online games (also known as MMOs). Their most popular hit was the original EverQuest, one of the most popular fantasy games in the 90’s. It was released in 1999 as a monthly subscription MMO: a fantasy game that let you join other players to engage in quests and build your own story lines. You could battle monsters and demons, accumulate treasure and adventure in a shared digital world.

Unfortunately, its popularity plummeted in comparison to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft. They have been struggling in more recent years considering the new generation of consumers they need to cater to. While other companies such as Riot Games (who produce the League of Legends series) are keeping pace with the younger generations, Sony has been falling far behind. It doesn’t help that theses days, they also have mobile game producers to compete against as well.

They’ve produced games based on many well followed pop culture series (such as Star Wars) and have tied their name to a plethora of popular brands. Despite this, those games are still not performing as well as they have wished. Sony even changed their tune on charging a fee to play the game even after buying it. Their games became free to play, just like the rest of the market, in which the concept is to offer the game for free, but charge the consumer small amounts here and there to purchase in game items and weapons. (Many online players just choose to go without the upgraded goods and just play for free.)

EverQuest may have been their most popular online game, but nothing from that side of the company could compare to what the PlayStation console was able to bring in. It’s better know, and more versatile. Thankfully, we won’t see any negative change in PlayStation, as it has no part in the current deal with Colombus Nova. They knew that their best businesses always became fruitful if they invested in the media, which is where they already thrive. They will continue to publish games for PlayStation and keep it a top contender against the rivaled Xbox. Sony Online Entertainment was strictly PC games.

A plus side is that good amount of new job opportunities will be presenting once Daybreak is established. Their goal is to take many of the great games that were played online, and finally bring them to console gaming. The company may have started as Sony’s online division, but from what the buzz is on the wire, they may have just created a new competitor.