Tech Is Positioned to Disrupt Law Practices

Tech has infiltrated every facet of human existence today. From our transportation systems to our banking infrastructure, healthcare there really isn’t anything that isn’t in the cross hairs of tech that can really resist its implementation in some sense. That said for some reason there is one industry that involves massive amounts of data analysis which has all the halmarks of an industry ready for tech take over, yet has remained largely unchanged for a century. What I am refereeing to is the field of law. Here is a quote that accentuates these barriers and asserting “the lawyers business itself is set up in a way that resists efforts to move fast and break things.”dgsfgsdgh

This all makes sense for why the law industry has remained largely unchanged is that we do not want a law system, something that when we think of law as being unchanged and absolute we do not want it susceptible to change everything there is the possibility for it to take place. We want consistency of law and thus we expect a consistency of  practice. Whether or not this is hard headed and dogmatic, or just plane fear of change, there are several reasons why the legal field is due for a tech revolution in the coming future that I will outline now. We are rethinking what it means for something to have value. 

First law firms are being the supreme standard of representative justice will not the case for ever. That is to say, the fact that the majority of legal work is conducted by law firms, which are not capitalized or share profits with non-lawyers, makes them resistant to investments. The freelance workforce increased to a decades high in recent months, and the industry of law is not protected from this present trend. Tech that enables lawyers to conduct business remotely and independently enables the virtual office to be an industry inevitability. This means the old path of whatlawused to be the way you get ahead in law by getting started at a firm and working your way up to becoming a partner may not bode well in the future. With the huge saturation of the law market and a huge amount of talent with little opportunity out there we are likely to see pop up law firms that exist exclusively online.

Next, we see that at the end of the day the clients, the source of all revenue in this industry are demanding innovation and expect change to occur. Whether or not the big dogs want to step up the plate today does not matter. It is only a matter of time where some industrious young start up listens to the demand of the market and answers the call. It could be done so simply too, that is the biggest thing. If someone can market themselves as the internet lawyers you can rest assured that they can make themselves a go to quick small claims department that gains a reputation fast. When this begins to happen and starts to chip away at the large firms they will undoubtedly follow suit.

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